To purchase our oil paintings go to our eBay store from our main menu below. If you can't find the painting you want on our eBay store email me at coledane@gmail.com and I will assist. We also do commissions. Email me at coledane@gmail.com to discuss a commission.


We do custom paintings for as little as $100. 

If you have a preferred artist let us know, or you can have us decide which artist would be best suited to the subject matter.

Common subjects are: Personal portraits, celebrity portraits, and pet portraits, but our artists can paint anything.

We specialize in oil on velvet but we can paint on traditional canvas or any material you specify.

Generally pet portraits are the least expensive, and personal portraits the most, however the estimate we will give you will depend mostly on the subject "source" you provide.

After we discuss the details and get a source image (or description) from you we will reply with a cost estimate. 

Use the contact form below to message us. We will reply in under 12 hours.